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Ajmer- City of Hopes

         Ajmer, the city rich in heritage and culture at the heart of Rajasthan, has been selected as one of the 100 cities in India under the union government’s flagship program: the Smart Cities Mission. Ajmer Municipal Corporation (AMC) is pleased to inform that they are now in the process of formulating a Smart City Proposal (SCP) to participate in the Smart City Challenge. This process requires extensive citizen participation and stakeholder consultations at multiple levels for formulating a vision statement, strategies, area development plans and pan city solutions for the development of the city.

         To succeed in this ambitious target, we request the citizens of Ajmer to provide their valuable suggestions and aspirations regarding the development of the city through various platforms, such as the website of Ajmer Municipal Corporation, my page provided by the central government, facebook pages (“Amazing Ajmer” and “Smart City Ajmer”) and twitter account, etc.

         AMC is undertaking active participation of the citizens to share their suggestions for formulating the proposal for Smart City Ajmer under following rounds.

Round 1: To establish a city vision, city-level sub-goals and strategies

Round 2: Feedback on ideas for pan-city solution/s and area–based developments

Round 3: To inform citizens about the intended pan-city solution/s and area–based development/s, the implementation and financing plans

         In this, regard Ajmer Municipal Corporation has concluded the first round of interactions with all the stakeholders and citizens from 17 September 2015 to 08 October 2015, by using different mediums of interactions. Such interactions include one to one meetings with various government departments, questionnaires to seek citizen views, online consultations through website and social media, Radio Channels, SMSs, print media, realtime meetings with different stakeholders groups. Ajmer Municipal Corporation is now in the process of conducting second round of interactions with the citizens and various stakeholders.

         Citizen’s valuable inputs and innovative ideas will help Ajmer Municipal Corporation in developing a sustainable smart city proposal for Ajmer and it invites active participation of the citizens.

         Please give your feedback on the following links.

         • My Gov:

         • Twitter

         • Facebook Pages: Amazing Ajmer & Smart City Ajmer

         Link to Important Documents.

         1. Smart City Guidelines in English

         2. Smart City Guidelines in Hindi

         3. Office Memorandum

         4. Introduction of Smart City

         5. Features of Smart City

         6. Smart Cities in different States

         7. Process of Selection of Smart Cities

Name & DesignationContact No. & Email Id.
Shri Dharmendra Gehlot, Mayor, Nagar Nigam Ajmer0145-2427953
Concerned Officer From Ajmer Nagar Nigam
Shri Haulianlal Guite, Commissioner, Ajmer Nagar Nigam0145-2429953
Shri Pradeep Nathani, Nodal Officer, Ajmer Smart City0145-2429953
Consulting Team
Shri Abhilash Verma, Team Leader, ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd. +919910098739,
Smt. Avantika, Team Member, ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd.+919910766538,

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