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National Award
 Ajmar Municipal Corporation
Among the C-class cities (Population less that 10 Lakh) The Ajmar Municipal Corporation(AMC) has a leadership position due to its initiatives in accounting reforms and e-governance. This strong position has been further strengthened by Ajmer’s zealous commitments in the area of internal earmarking of budgets of the urban poor and rationalization of user charges. With these commitments, Ajmer emerges as a winner in this category.
            The award was jointly presented by the Govt. of India and CRISIL on 9th Oct. 2007
The Ajmar Municipal Corporation (AMC) is responsible for providing basic urban services to over five lakh inhabitants and over a million pilgrims who through the town every year from India and abroad.
Introduction of system of e-governance using IT application
Efforts at e-governance in AMC started as a result of statewide initiatives. More than 20 e-governance modules have been operationalised in AMC.
Adoption on modern, accrual based double entry system of accounting in ULBs
Implementation of accounting reforms was initiated in 2005. The parallel run of the cash and the accrual system is near completion the double entry system is proposed be adopted by 2007-08.
Levy of User Charges
AMC has commenced action to establish a proper accounting system for determining the O & M cost separately for each service. AMC is also working towards achieving targeted service standards and fully realizing O & M cost.
Providing basic service to the urban poor
AMC has begun to actualize plans towards provision of basic services to the urban poor earmarking of funds for them. It conducted citywide BPL (Below Poverty Line) survey in 2006 including a socio-economic survey and mapping of all slums. The assessment of the service levels available at these slums and the costing of individual dwellings and roads have also been completed.
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