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Statement of Affairs
Municipal Corporation, Ajmer (2005-2006)
Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project
(ADB Loan No. 1647-IND)
      Integrated Computerization and E-Governance Project
(Contract Package No.:PMU/CB/01)
 Oswal Data Processors M. Mehta & Co.
Total Solution Provider  Chartered Accountants
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  1. We have prepared/ compiled the Statement of Affairs of Municipal Corporation, AJMER as at 31.03.2006 based on the Accounting Policies adopted and various information provided by the Corporation, valuation of various properties carried on by the Approved Valuer/ Independent Committee, other relevant information in respect of Bank balances, P. D. A/c. balances, advances & loans to staff and others, various receivables, Valuation of Physical Stocks of Stores etc. as provided by the respective Departments, which has been accepted and taken by us as correct.
  2. The said Statement of Affairs is to be read with the Notes & Other information attached therewith subject to the Statement of Information not provided.
  3. We have to inform that we have not audited the books of accounts of the Corporation for preparation of this Statement of Affairs hence not expressed our opinion on the same.
  4. We have to further state that this Statement of Affairs will be a benchmark towards the implementation of Accrual based Double Entry Accounting System as well as to draw the Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure Account of the Corporation in the subsequent years.

For M. Mehta & Company
Chartered Accountants
      Place : (P. R. Bandi)
      Date : M. No.016402

It is a matter of great pleasure and privilege for us to place before the esteemed reade
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